Welcome to Class 1

Class Teacher: Charlotte Gale cgale@stjohnsprimary.org

Teaching Assistants: Sarah Browne (Wednesday and Thursday) and Rumena Kahir (Monday, Tuesday and Friday).

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the arrangements for the children as they begin their year in Class 1.

The transition phase: moving from Reception to Year 1 can often be quite a challenge for the children. Many find it tiring in the first few weeks. Accordingly, we will be balancing activities for the children to learn through play with more formal learning tasks that introduce them to the National Curriculum. We will be supporting your child to meet their particular situation and to encourage their learning.

Homework: The initial focus for Year 1 is to reinforce the learning in Reception class by practising their reading and their phonics knowledge. Phonics to be learned each week will be posted on the newsletter at the end of the previous week. You can encourage your child to develop their writing skills by forming letters and numbers and taking part in activities that develop fine motor skills.

Reading: your child will be encouraged to read regularly and frequently in school. All children will bring home a phonics book, selected according to develop their phonics understanding. Some children will also have an additional story book that can be read with you and is designed to stimulate and interest in reading. Books can be changed once your child is able to read it with fluency, whether this is at home or at school.  When all the books at a particular stage have been read your child will move to the next stage.  Please continue to read to your children at home and also encourage them to identify words in the books that they are learning in their own reading.

Book bag: your child needs to bring their book bag into school each day and put it in their tray.

P.E. Kit: needs to be brought to school each Monday and taken home on Friday.  We have P.E. on Tuesday and Friday. Girls must have an extra pair of socks for when they usually wear tights. It is very important that all kit is clearly marked with your child’s name – to reduce the chances of it being lost and you needing to replace it.

Water bottle: we encourage the children to drink water regularly throughout the day. Please ensure your child has a named bottle and brings it to school each day.

Going home: it is essential that you tell the school in the morning, if your child is going home with someone different to usual that day. Your child’s safety at all times is critically important to us.

If you have any issues, concerns or questions to ask us, please email and if you have any urgent issue please call the office.

We hope you find this information helpful. This year, our aim is for your child to have a stimulating and exciting time at St John’s and for them to progress significantly in their learning. There’s lots of hard work ahead but we intend for this to be very enjoyable too.

Class 1 Timetable